Radiant in Relationships

Those that look to him are RADIANT; their faces are never covered with shame (Psalm 34:5).

Radiant is translated from the Hebrew word Nahar, which means to sparkle, flow or assemble together actively. Nahar illustrates the image of a flowing river that sparkles in the sunlight.

The context of Psalm 34 shows us that we don’t need to hide our faces in shame from God even when we lie and deceive like David (writer of the Psalms). David killed Goliath and turned from an honest and honourable man to acting like a mad man to escape Abimeleck the Philistine King. However, by pursuing God despite his sins David was known as a man after God’s heart.

In Psalm 34, David praises God despite his circumstances through an acrostic poem where every verse begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Here is some acrostic poems women in our church created to praise God.

God is amazing, bold, courageous, divine, eternal, forgiving, generous, humility, brings out our integrity, joyful, kind, loving, meaningful, nautical (gives us balance), obedient, purposeful, questioning sometimes quirky, radiant, brings us strength, truthful, unbelievable, victorious, wisdom, He is Yahweh and brings us zeal and zeros out our sins.

All things are made new in Him. Be seen through God’s eyes. Come to Him as you are. Do all things in Christ who gives you strength, because Everything is made good through Him. He has Forgiven all our sins. Give freely of all that He gives you.

What would you say about the Lord to testify to His goodness, which makes you lift your face and sparkle?