Radiant in Dreams and Desires

In the silence of night we have dreams of exciting, mysterious, and bizarre realities. However, these are not the dreams we discussed, but the dreams God has given us for our lives. We may be living them out, still striving for them or have forgotten about them altogether. But it is important to not lose sight of the dreams God has given you, no matter how long you have to wait. Most importantly, don’t lose sight of the fact that God is part of the dream. We can often get caught up looking only at our place within the dream, causing us to lose sight of how God is the creator and perfector of the dream. Consequently, we add stuff to the dream that God didn’t intend and we start to idolise the dream – job, engagement, marriage, babies, house and mission work.


You must be willing to let God lead you on the path to discovering and fulfilling your God dream, as a God dream is a dream you cannot do on your own. In Psalm 37:3-5, it tells us to do this by immersing ourselves in the Lord until the desires of our hearts align with God’s dreams, due to our close relationship with God. Ask Him what he wants you to do with the gifts He has given you.

Success = fulfilling the purpose God created you for.

During the waiting stage, before your dream becomes a reality, you need to become active in preparing for the dream. As dreams are usually achieved in small steps, not quantum leaps.

Furthermore, you do yourself a disservice when you compare how you are fulfilling your God dream to others. These comparisons will steal your joy. Trust God and take the first step in making the dream a reality.