Radiant Together

It was not good until there was two people—Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:18). We are designed to engage with God and the people within our lives, church and wider community.

Radiating together will be prominent when we are following God’s agenda—kingdom building—not our own agenda and needs.

One way to do this is by getting deep into God’s word, then sharing your knowledge with others in which you add to the strengths of others and compensate each others weaknesses. If you need some motivation to read the bible for God and not for your own agenda read Tylah Robinson’s guest post. When sharing with others, you should act as a lattice that allows plants to grow up over you, not pulling people down due to tall poppy syndrome. Instead, be a lattice that supports and empowers others to eventually surpass yourself, as the plant you watered grows up no longer using you for support.

What areas of your life do you struggle with togetherness?

  1. With God—Do you struggle to include Him in your decisions?
  2. With others—Do you you have an ungodly sense of entitlement to put your own needs first that prevents you from being together with others?
  3. In your community—Do you struggle with coming together with people in the community to establish their needs and how you can help?

Following the six steps from Radiant in Attitude, repent and give the attitude to him—ask for forgiveness. Ask what God has in exchange for you.

IMG_8610.jpg Artwork by Kristi Meulen




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