Mountain peak surrounded by cloud.

Mountain Peaks and Valley Lows

Life is full of amazing high moments and unpleasant low moments that we would prefer would go away. The low for many people in the church seems to include depression and anxiety. Yet we are meant to be joyous right? because we have found God’s love and acceptance. Well we are still human unfortunately.

We often wish to be at the top of the mountain having an experience where we feel so close to God that it brings us great joy. I know of at least one preacher who claims to experience it every moment of everyday. However, it seems a bit unrealistic for most of us.

Instead, we live roller coaster lives where gravity pushes us down into the shadows within the valley. On mountains, plants cannot grow above a certain altitude as there is a lack of oxygen, heat, and moisture. Therefore, despite returning to the dreaded valley, it is where all the life (vegetation and fruit) thrive. In the valley we are nourished and grow.

The mountain peak is a good place to contemplate. But we cannot live on the mountain top experience that we receive on Christian camps etc. On the mountain top everything seems to be “right.” Whereas, in the valley you worry you will slip into your old ways. But David shares with us in Psalm 23:4  that even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we should fear no evil, for God is with us. God is our shepherd who will light the way and guide us in paths of righteousness with his staff. Furthermore he will protect us from the shadow of death with his club.

Turn to God for comfort and guidance.



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